Hopefully, you are aware of 9mobile free 500mb data give away from 9mobile. As we all know, Nigeria networks always find a way to put a smile on their customers and subscribers with either competitive give away or offering cheap subscriptions. One of these networks is currently offering 500MB worth of data as a give away to their customers.

9mobile uses the medium to say a big thank you through the free 500mb data. As a matter of fact, this gives away data is limited to specific subscribers as its base on Sim selection which means the bonus is not for everybody. It’s not eligible for everybody. However, it works on both new and old 9mobile Sim cards once they are eligible.

How to Check Your 9mobile Free 500mb Data Eligibility

The bitter truth is that you don’t have anything to do to check for eligibility for this great offer on your sim. You don’t need to dial any USSD code to qualify for it. The only thing you need is to just wait to receive a message from 9mobile informing you that your 9mobile Sim card has been credited with 500mb.

How To Get Free 9mobile 500MB Data

If you are eligible for this offer you will just receive a message from 9mobile as I said earlier. The message read thus:

“Thanks for being part of the 9mobile family, to connect with your friends you have been credited with free 500mb for 3 days. Have a great year ahead”.

9mobile free 500mb data

This means you are among the lucky winners. Enjoy!

How To Check 9mobile 500mb Free Data

If truly the data is given to you, you can easily check your data balance on your phone by dialing this USSD code *228#.
Note: The data is valid for only 3 days.


The above article is all about how you can get 9mobile free 500mb data. In short, you don’t need to do anything to get the data. The offer is available for certain users either the sim is old or new. Just wait for a message from them if you’re among the lucky winners. I hope the article was helpful? If you have any question you can use the below comment box.


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