Carry Over Part 3 (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 227) is the latest funny comedy release by the Mark Angel Comedy which entertain loaded brings to you today.

In this episode 227 of Mark Angel, you will surely laugh out till you get tired. You can’t believe Mark Angel (the Burner/Burna Boy) put himself in a big mess. He read ahead of the exam and get himself prepared totally. He read everything and totally ready indeed, but the things went the other way round when getting into the exam hall.

Carry Over Part 3 (Mark Angel Comedy Episode 227)

On getting into the exam hall, the supervisor enters into the class and gives them several warning against copyright, giraffe, and any other sort of examination malpractice in order to avoid extra year or carry over in the exam. He distributes question papers and sheets. Everyone collect theirs and started the exam which lasts for 30 minutes only. Mark spent 5 minutes and requested for an extra sheet of paper and finish the paper within 10 minutes.

carry over part 3 mark angel comedy

Try to watch this comedy video of Mark Angel comedy: Carry Over Part 3. I bet you will surely burst into the laughter as you are watching it. Guess what? Mark answer’s sheet full but answered the question without understanding it. Watch it to know what happens at the end of the day.

You can watch the video here or click the link below the video to download from the official youtube of the Mark Angel Comedy

Watch or download the comedy video here


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