MTN XtraValue: Get N7,850 Airtime, 650MB Data for N2000

mtn xtravalue

MTN XtraValue: How To Get N7,850 Airtime, 650MB Data for N2000 or N19500 Airtime, 1.5GB for N5000

Hope you are aware of a big chance of getting N7,850 airtime and 650 MB worth of Data with just N2000? The tariff which offers this bonus is MTN XtraValue. It is a tariff plan which offers MTN Nigeria users chances to get bonuses of both airtime and data. This offer repeat itself by giving you more value the more you purchase airtime and data from MTN Nigeria.

mtn xtravalue

What is MTN XtraValue: XtraTalk And XtraData

The MTN XtraValue is basically designed to offer MTN users more value for a voice call and sending text messages airtime, as well as giving out data bundle to browse the websites of your choice.

Do you know one good thing about MTN XtraValue? The good thing about the offer giving out is that the offer is available for every MTN subscribers. What I mean by availability to every subscriber is that every prepaid MTN users and subscribers are eligible for this great bonuses and offer. Mind you, kindly note this if you do not notice before, that whenever you subscribe to any of the MTN XtraValue plans and bundle, automatically, you have been migrated to XtraValue Plan. This seems to sound funny! It is not funny at all! That’s how it is going with MTN Nigeria.

Categories of MTN XtraValue

The MTN XtraValue offer is basically categorized into two main plans. The two plans are MTN XtraData bundle and MTN XtraTalk bundle. You can enjoy the two plans as much as you are still using the plans.

What Is MTN XtraTalk And XtraData?

The MTN XtraTalk bundle gives more bonus of airtimes for voice calls than that of the data volume bonus. The reason behind this is nothing but due to the fact that it was programmed to offers MTN users extra bonus and great offers when purchasing airtime. This depends on the amount of airtime users purchase.

The higher you purchase airtime, the higher you enjoy the bonuses. With XtraTalk bundle you will be eligible for making voice calls with just the rate of N27 (Naira) per one minute on local calls only. You will also be charged with just N39.6 (Naira) while calling international number(s). Lastly, sending of text messages with the rate of 4 Naira is one of the features of the XtraValue.

The XtraData bundle offers more data bonus than voice calls, it was designed to give you extra bonuses on data purchases, which is dependent on the amount of data purchased.

MTN XtraValue costs or prices are within the range of N300 and N20,000. This is very cool as the price plan is open and applicable to all MTN esteem customers. You too can really have a great chance and opportunity to get any plan of your choice offers. The offers may include the plan with N2,000 and N5,000. This plan surely rewards you with the amount of N7,850 airtime worths, the amount of 650MB data and lastly N19,500 airtime for voice calls as well as 1.5GB data respectively. This is so cool and amazing, right?

How To Subscribe To MTN XtraValue Offer

Now, let’s discuss about how to subscribe for this offer (MTN NG XtraValue). You can subscribe for this great offer and really enjoy it by following the below criteria and steps:

1st Step: The first step you have to take is to just dial this USSD code on your mobile or sim (*131*2#)

2nd Step: You will see some options after the dialing codes processed, just make a selection of any bundle of your choice from the display options.

3rd Step: the above steps are the main aspects. Checking your balances is not compulsory, though, it is necessary at times. For you to check the main balance on your account, or the balance on your XtraValue bundle, just dial *556# and *559*61# respectively.

So, the above is all about how to get N7,850 Airtime, 650MB Data for N2000 or N19500 Airtime, 1.5GB for N5000. Enjoy this great offer and don’t be selfish by keeping it within yourself only. Please kindly share for others benefits. If you have any question or problem, kindly drop it using the below comment box.


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