How To Get MTN 5GB Data For N50 Through WECHAT

how to get MTN 5GB data for N50

Hi Nigerians! Hope you are enjoying our site for Nigeria’s networks data tricks and cheats? We are here with how to get MTN 5GB Data for N50 through an MTN bundle, that is ‘WeChat‘ on your MTN Sims. Mind you, the minimum data you can get is 5GB with this trick. We are here to share the cheat here before it casts.

The good news is that once your sim is eligible for this offer, you are good to get 100GB or more. Some people are enjoying this offer already, I’m sharing this so that you too will be able to enjoy the data. You can get the data as much as possible for you.

How To Get MTN 5GB Data For N50 Through We Chat Bundle

Here is how to get MTN 5GB data for N50 through we chat bundle. We chat is a bundle sponsor by MTN Nigeria, where you can subscribe for We chat application. But now, you can subscribe for we chat bundle and get minimum of 5GB data which works fine on any device. You can use the data on both mobile (Android, iOS and Java) and personal computer (PC) devices.

Once you get the data, you can accumulate it to get more data. My advice for you is to first check your eligibility.

How To Check Eligibility of The Offer

Follow the below steps to check whether you are eligible for the offer or not. Why? The reason is that the offer is selective. It selects SIMS, but congratulations if you have more than one MTN SIM cards. If it fails on one SIM, definitely, you can try your luck on another SIM card. At least if you have like 5 sims cards, it will definitely work with one of the SIM cards.

Steps Involve To Get MTN 5GB

Step 1: Head to your phone and confirm your MTN sim card is inside the phone. Other networks are left out.

Step 2: Recharge your phone with a minimum of N50. You can buy the card from a bank or on the streets.

Step 3: Dial *662# after recharging your SIM card. Select option number 6 from the pop-up options to subscribe for WECHAT data subscription. Below are the options there:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  5. 2GO
  7. Eskimi
  9. PICK ANY 5

Now select the option 6 (WECHAT).

Step 4: Now you can select any of the bundle of your choice from WECHAT Daily @N25, WECHAT Weekly @N50, and WECHAT Monthly @N150.

Here, you are advised to subscribe for daily or weekly (recommended) since you are testing for eligibility.

Step 5: Check your data bundle with *131*4#. If your sim is eligible, you will see that your data is 5GB, otherwise, try the eligibility on another MTN sim. how to get MTN 5GB data for N50

Once you test for the eligibility and you succeed with the processes, definitely, you can accumulate the data by getting more and more till your bank account empty. Lol!

how to get MTN 5GB data for N50

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Above are how to get MTN 5GB data through WECHAT bundle. Make sure you follow the steps involve correctly to get yours. If one SIM is ineligible for the offer, you can try your luck on another MTN SIM card. Don’t lose hope on the first SIM, it may be useful in another day for another offer. Enjoy your data, don’t be selfish too. Make sure you share this on social media for others benefits. Sharing is caring. Please drop the testimony here! Don’t forget to visit entertain loaded for more data offers.


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