How To Get MTN 1GB With N200 ‘Welcome Back Offer’


Heee is how to get mtn 1gb with N200 airtime. MTN cheap browsing offer is here again. You guys can’t believe the offer I’m about to discuss here. Wait a bit and earn 1GB data worth on your MTN sim with N200 airtime. This is the latest and trends offer called ‘Welcome Back Offer’. The offer is now hot. Here is how to activate and receive 1gb with just N200 airtime on your MTN sim. Are you with me?

How to get mtn 1gb with n200 Welcome back offer

This offer comes after MTN NG introduces mPulse offer where you can enjoy with N50 for 350mb and N150 for 1.2GB.

MTN advertise this new offer called ‘Welcome Back Offer’ through their social media pages. This new offer gives MTN users 1GB with only N200 airtime. However, the bitter truth is that this offer is eligible for few of users not for all. I wish you the best.

How To Get MTN 1GB For N200 (Eligibility)

This offer is not eligible for every MTN users. It is only open to those that have a MTN sim that is not used in the last 30 days. Also, those that didn’t use their SIMs for more than a month are also eligible.

If you have the requirements, just relax and  enjoy this huge offer.

Welcome back offer is a bit similar to that of 9mobile 1GB for N200 offer. The only difference is that 9mobile is just a special plan, not a welcome back offer like MTN.

How To Activate MTN 1GB For N200

Always remember that this is a welcome back offer, it’s not a normal offer subscription.

Follow the below steps to enjoy the data:

1st Step

The only thing you need to enjoy this offer is to get an old MTN Sim card. I mean the one that you stay away from using it since 30 days to 180 days back.

Note: The eligible sim card include the Sim card you don’t use to receive calls or make calls. Also, the one that you don’t receive or send SMS and recharge on it over the periods.

2nd Step

Recharge minimum of N200 airtime on the Sim. You know without airtime, there is no way to enjoy the offer.

3rd Step

Check the sim eligibility status by dialing *559*65# on your phone.

4th Step

You can’t enjoy the welcome back offer without activating the sim. You are to activate it first by dialing *131*65# on your phone.


1. Surf the internet with your 1GB data offer. The data offer lasts for 7 days only.

2. Look for your old MTN Sim cards that you didn’t use for the last 30 up to 180 days. (Now that you got your data, what are you waiting for). Let’s rock the webpages.


The above article is all about how to get MTN 1GB with N200 airtime. This offer is also called welcome back offer. Please share it with others to show your caring. If you have any question drop it using the below comment box.



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