2018 Final Decision in Osun Gubernatorial Election Result: ‘Inconclusive’!

Osun gubernatorial election result, Osun gubernatorial election rerun

Osun gubernatorial election result count today Sunday, 23rd of September by Independent National Electoral Commission. However, as everybody is waiting for the final declaration of the winner of Osun Governorship election result which occured yesterday, the result is inconclusive.

INEC declared no winner as at now. Why? He said the votes difference between the two leading parties (PDP and APC) is just 353 votes, while the number of votes cancelled is 35,498. Meanwhile, no winner had emerged.

Final Decision in Osun Gubernatorial Election Result

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) hasn’t declared any party as the winner in Saturday’s Osun State governorship election. The result is “inconclusive”, he said.

While Afuwape announcing the outcomes on Sunday afternoon, Joseph, the INEC’s Returning Officer, said PDP (People Democratic Party) gubernatorial candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke, polled 254,699, while his rival Alhaji Isiaka Oyetola of the APC (All Progressives Congress), had 254,345 votes. Total different is 353 only.

Senator Iyiola Omisore of the SDP, Social Democratic Party had 128,049 votes. He is  place in the third position.

“Unfortunately, as the Returning Officer, it is not possible to declare any party as winner,” he added.

Osun gubernatorial election result

Afuwape implored the party agents to wait for a few minutes just to get the actual date for a rerun between the 2 leading candidates. Once again, the Osun gubernatorial election result is currently inconclusive.

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