How To Get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat With N100

Get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat With N100

Hi, fellow Nigerians! I’m here again with the latest cheap data bundle subscription on Glo Nigeria sim cards. I want to reveal information on how to get 5.2GB Glo data cheat with N100 airtimes. Let’s call this free bowsing too, though it’s not totally free. Why? it’s simply because we are subscribing for the data with a little money.

Do you know how to get 5.2GB Glo data cheat with N100? In this article, you will know how to get the browsing data with N100 airtime. This should be an interesting right? Always visit here to enjoy free and cheap data on your various Nigeria sim cards. This is a time of nothing but a cheat and free browsing data times.

Do not dull yourself by subscribing with a huge money.  We have published once how to enjoy Airtel cheap data cheat via porting lines. That one gives 2GB with N100 airtime and 10GB with N500 subscription. We are taking the same steps here as they are a bit similar to one another. Get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat With N100

This data subscription is confirmed and tested okay. We have already test-run it before packaging this write-up. You have nothing to fear about. Now, let’s get down to the steps in details. Enjoy your cheap data on Glo through this trick. Hope you are with me?.

How To Get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat With N100

First of all, I want you to bear it in mind that this cheat may not work for your sim. Why? It selects sim at times. However, I wish you all the best.

Steps To Get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat With N100

1st Step: The first step to take in order to be eligible for the data is to migrate to Glo Jollific package. You can migrate to Jollific by dialing this USSD code ‘*603#’. You will receive a whopping bonus of 5.2GB data on every recharge of N100.

2nd Step: After migration, you have to recharge through Bank account or recharge through OneCard. That’s all.

How To Check 5.2GB Glo Data Balance

To monitor your data, just dial #122# to check your remaining data.

In conclusion, the above article is all about how to get 5.2GB Glo Data Cheat with N100. Make sure you follow the steps correctly for you to enjoy this data while it last. Don’t forget to share as a caring person to those that you care for. Don’t be selfish. Also, leave a comment using the below comment box. You can also comment if you have any problem related to this post.

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