Latest Spark VPN Settings For MTN mPulse Data To Power All Apps in 2018

Latest spark vpn settings

Latest Spark VPN settings for MTN mPulse data for all applications is here for you guys!
Do you know you can browse with a token amount of airtime? Do you know with the limit data you are getting from MTN mPulse can power all your apps? Just follow me.

Since the introduction of MTN mPulse data packages from MTN, we have been sharing various methods and configurations to enjoy the data extensively. However, this MTN mPulse offers 350 MB for the N50 and 1.2 GB for the N150. The data is limited to certain apps. But we are here to tutor you how to power it up with all your apps.

As you can power all your mobile applications with KPN Tunnel Revolution and HTTP Injector VPN apps, you can equally use this one too.

Today we will share the latest Spark VPN settings. These settings will power all applications using MTN mPulse data, whether or not your phone is rooted. You can enjoy it on both rooted and no rooted mobile devices.

Without wasting a lot of time, I will drop the latest Spark VPN settings and configuration files for MTN mPulse data. Please follow us with the steps we are going to explain below.

Latest Spark VPN Settings for MTN NG mPulse Data

Conditions and Requirements necessary for Spark VPN Settings

Below are the necessary conditions and requirements for you to power all your apps through the latest Spark VPN settings on MTN mPulse Data. Make sure you follow all the steps correctly.

  1. Any Android device
  2. MTN NG 3G or 4G SIM without active data.
  3. Do not touch the default APN MTN settings. Make sure you leave it as it is.
  4. Migration of your SIM to MTN mPulse tariff if you’re not there already. You can migrate by dialing *344*1#.

Steps Involved in Setting Up Spark VPN

Below are the necessary steps involved in configuring your Spark VPN to browse freely.

1st Step: Fore and foremost, migrate to the MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing * 344#, then select 1 to migrate successfully.

2nd Step: Choose data subscription plan between 1.2 GB mPulse package for N150 or 350 MB worth of data with N50 airtime only. Dial * 344 * 2 * 1 *1# for 350 MB weekly plan or * 344 * 2 * 1 * 2 # for 1.2 GB monthly plan.

Alternatively, you can dial *344*2# >> Select 1 >> Select 1 for 350 MB weekly plan, and *344*2# >> Select 1 >> Select 2 for 1.2 GB monthly plan.

3rd Step: It is time to download Spark VPN. To download the app click here. Latest spark vpn settings

4th Step: The fourth step is to download the new MTN mPulse configuration file. To download the file, just go through this link. You will get your file there. If you are unable to download the file through the link just go here.

How to import the Latest Spark Vpn Settings

1st Step: Hope you have downloaded the app (Spark VPN) and MTN mPulse configuration file from the links above? If no, get the files now by clicking these below links

  1. Spark VPN app
  2. MTN mPulse config file for Spark VPN. Those are the two files you need right now.

2nd Step: After downloading the app; installation is the next step.

3rd Step: Launch your Spark VPN by open the app.

Latest spark vpn settings

4th Step: Tap Tweaks located in the upper right corner to import it. Latest spark vpn settings

5th Step: Find the MTN mPulse configuration file you downloaded and click it to import. Latest spark vpn settings

6th Step: The last step is to press Start to connect and browse on your phone. It will connect within 3-5 seconds. After the connection, open any browser and application of your choice to surf online at full speed. Latest spark vpn settings

Can I Use This Cheat on my PC?

In short, the answer to the above question is that you can use the cheat to browse on your PC. What if I don’t have a rooted mobile device? The good news is that you can enjoy this cheat on any Android phone either rooted or no rooted. The way that each of the users will enjoy it just differs. That means; we have separate methods for each of the rooted device users and no rooted device users.

For Rooted Device

1st Step: you need to download TetherNet VPN here. 
2nd Step: Install the Tethernet VPN you just downloaded.
3rd Step: After installation of the app, grant the app root access. Mtn 0.0k free browsing cheat
4th step: Tap on your Hotspot, and share it between your phone and the targeted PC.
Mtn 0.0k free browsing cheat
5th Step: Connect your VPN
6th Step: Open the Tethernet VPN and start it
7th Step: Click on Hotspot because you’re sharing the connection through Hotspot. Mtn 0.0k free browsing cheat
8th Step: Lastly, click on Start Connection. You should get a popup message reads “Connection Share Through AP Hotspot“.
You can now enjoy your browsing to the fullest on your PC with the correct steps above.
Note: The hotspot connections power the whole PC. You don’t need to waste your precious times on setting Proxy on your browsers. Just leave it at “Automatically Detect Settings”.

For non-rooted Device User

Follow these steps if you’re non-rooted device user:
1st Step: Download the PdaNet on your both phone and PC. Here is PdaNet for Phone, and the PC version is here. Download for Windows PC here and MAC OS PC here.

2nd Step: Open PdaNet on your  PC, and start running it on your Android.
' latest spark vpn ',
3rd Step: Open PdaNet on your Android device and tick on the connection method you want to use. There are these three methods: Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. You can select any of the methods.
' latest spark vpn ',
4th Step: Head to your PC also, open the PdaNet and choose the same method of connection you just selected on your Android device app.
' latest spark vpn settings ',
5th Step: Finally tap on ‘connect‘ on your PC.
latest spark vpn settings


With the appropriate steps involved in the tricks, you will enjoy your free browsing. Above articles and tutorials are all about New Spark VPN setting for MTN mPulse users. Make sure you don’t miss any step. With this, you will enjoy your free browsing through Spark VPN.

You can enjoy the MTN mPulse extensively with the aid of certain apps whether your app is a rooted or no rooted one.

Please care for others by sharing the tutorials with them. Sharing is caring. Also, if you have any question just drop it here or join our group through this Telegram link or WhatsApp.



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