EPL Highlight: Watford Vs Manchester United (2018) 1-2

Watford vs Manchester united

We are here to give details about today’s Premier League match of Watford vs Manchester United. Romelu Lukaku’s and Chris Smalling’s goals gave United a two-goal goal at halftime and they resisted a fight from Watford to win a difficult victory.

Despite José Mourinho’s obsession with the idea that everyone is obsessed with him, the Manchester United manager may be able to put aside the rest of the world when he wakes up on Sunday morning and takes advantage of the simple satisfaction that results from it with three points.

Mourinho was quick to think about the ramifications of a close victory over Watford. He admitted it was a brittle victory as his team followed a dominant first half with a more passive second which required a David De Gea intervention. keep the points. In keeping with their high fashion kit, this result has been colored with a pink relief redness. The Watford vs Manchester United match was impressive and superb! Watford vs Manchester united

Mourino Comments on Watford vs Manchester United Match

“Very happy with the points. Very happy with the spirit. Very happy with something that represents the spirit of the team – Romelu Lukaku’s sliding tackle after 50 meters running back to help the team,” Mourinho noted. His comments point out how much graft was needed to get that particular result on the line.

“I am a bit frustrated because we had everything in the first half to win the game. Then we stopped being aggressive with and without the ball, gave them a chance to be reborn and give us a difficult match.”


The qualities of Watford showed that their start to the season was not a fluke. Their blissful state of cohesion – Javi Gracia in its wake did not feel the need to tinker until now the XI – has created a tangible wellbeing factor.

The stage was set for teams in slightly different environments to exchange opportunities, to try to make a difference. The commitment was total. When an attack fell on Abdoulaye Doucouré, his shot shivered directly in the block of Marouane Fellaini. It was a moment when you almost winced for the ball, caught between two giants competing so seriously.

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