Pemier League Highlight: Wolves VS Burnley 2018

Wolves vs Burnley

The EPL match between Wolves VS Burnley gets started at the Molineux Stadium. In the first 5 minutes, Burnley have an opportunity against their opponent with a shot.

Wolves frequently threatens the Burnley because goal – ten shots have been attempted, with 5 of the game is on target while the other 5 is off target.

The halftime of the match ends with a draw (0-0) as both sides struggle to deliver at least 1 goal against each other. However, all the efforts are abortive.

The whistle blown for the second half to commence around 14:31. It’s been all Wolves, with the hosts racking up 15 shots so far. However, Burnley manage just four in response.

Result of Wolves vs Burnley Match

The match favour Wolves as they break the deadlock thanks to a goal from Raúl Jiménez. This make the match 1-0 against Burnley side.

Wolves vs Burnley

Wolves make sure they pepper Joe Hart’s goal. If Burnley is to nick a goal it would be very much against the run of match. The game end in favour of Wolves against their  rival- Burnley. They won the match with 1 – 0. That’s all about the match of Wolves vs Burnley.

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