How To Get Free 30GB Data on 9mobile With 3G or 4G LTE Mifi

Get Free 30GB Data on 9mobile

Do you know that you can get Free 30GB Data on 9mobile when you purchase 3G or 4G LTE MiFi? The 9mobile network is at it again! They now offer another superb promo. This promo will give you free data of 30GB as a new subscriber.

Mind you, they won’t give you 30GB without a tangible reason. You will get the data when you order for 3G or 4G LTE MiFi from 9mobile. We just see the advertisement of the 9mobile on their social media pages to advertise the new offer.

How To Get Free 30GB Data From 9mobile

Surely, we all know that nothing goes for nothing. Do you really want to know how to get free 30GB data on 9mobile?. If yes, there is a certain condition(s) to follow. Firstly, you must buy either the 3G MiFi or the 4G LTE MiFi through any 9mobile experience center nearest to you.

Please, what do you want to use the
data of 30GB
for? What would you do with such amount of GB of FREE Data? Do you want to use it for Gaming, movies, music, series, Social Media,  Research? Enjoy 30GB free data when you buy an LTE/3G mifi from our experience centers. #9mobileLTE3GMifiOffer #9mobile #MoreBlazeData.

How To Get Free 30GB Data From 9mobile

Get Free 30GB Data on 9mobile

Getting the 30 GB worth of data freely from 9mobile is quite simple. Just follow the below tutorials:

1st Step:

Go to any 9mobile experience center that is not farther. nearest to you and purchase either the 4G LTE mifi or the 3G mifi. After activation succeeds, you will receive the alert of the credited data with 30GB free data.

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