Mark Angel Comedy episode 169 (Stupid keke man)


Here is another episode of the latest Mark Angel Comedy video which titled ‘Stupid Keke Man’. The release date for this comedy video – Mark Angel Comedy Episode 169 was on Friday, August 03, 2018. It is another very funny comedy episode from Mark Angel Comedy industry. In this episode 169, a man called Mr. Perfect gets himself into a trouble. The reason behind this problem is due to the fact that he invite his fiancee to his house. Thus invitation goes against his fathers wishes because he has warned him beforehand.

Mark Angel Comedy episode 169 (Stupid keke man)

Aunty Success – Mr. Perfect sister perform an important role in Mark Angel Comedy Episode 169. She has no chill, she did something unspeakable when the father of Mr. Perfects caught him. In fact, the way he caught him is very funny and will make you laugh. If care is not taking, you won’t stop laughing for a week. The episode 169 of Mark Angel Comedy (Stupid Keke Man) will make you laugh tire. It is so interesting to the extent that you will watch it over and over again and not get tired of laughing.

If you really bored or lonely and want to laugh hard against your sorrow and loneliness, go to Mark Angel Comedy and you will see several funny videos of him. Please you need to laugh out loud every time and for a very long time.

Mark angel comedy episode 169

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