How To Increase Your Internet Speed

internet speed

Have you ever been frustrated with your Internet connection at a snail’s pace? Web pages take forever to load and games and streaming services lag behind. As Zoom meetings become more and more frequent, any significant slowdown in your Internet connection makes working from home much more difficult as well.

Fortunately, you no longer have to suffer from slow Internet speed, especially with so many tips and tricks available to improve your Wi-Fi speed. Before reaching your phone to upgrade your service, try these tips.

Resetting your router has many advantages for the average home network. It can help dissipate hacking attempts, reset the router’s limited memory to speed things up, and even apply important updates that your router was expecting.

The key is to properly restart your router. You don’t want to do a factory reset, which will clear all of your settings and force you to start over. Avoid pinholes and reset buttons on the router; instead, simply unplug your router from all connected devices and then from its power source, turning it off completely.

Wait about a minute for everything to turn off completely, then reconnect your router to your power source, modem, and everything else you need. We also have a full guide on what to know about resetting the router for more information.

How To Manage your Wi-Fi channels

Nowadays, most routers are dual-band, which means that they offer connections on both the 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. Some routers are also tri-band, which simply means that there is an additional 5 GHz band to further extend the connections.

These different channels exist so that you can distribute device connections across the spectrum and reduce demand for a single channel. This can help speed up your connections, especially if the 2.5 GHz band is a little crowded.

In general, the 5 GHz band is shorter, but a little faster, more suitable for devices close to the router. The 2.5 GHz band is a longer but slightly slower range, a better choice for devices in other rooms or mobile devices that move around a lot.

Some routers come with automatic allocation functions that can assign devices to different channels depending on the connection needs and switch them to new channels depending on the circumstances. It’s great, but most routers still don’t have this service, which means you need to go into your router settings and make sure the networks are set up for all bands on your router, then connect each device individually to the channel that best suits them. It’s a bit of work, but it can really make a difference to your speeds.

Switch to a faster browser

Does your slowdown mainly occur when you use your browser or open many new tabs? Consider switching to a more minimalist browser that loads only what is necessary. Browsers like Brave for Mac and Opera excel in this area, especially if you’re ready to tinker with the settings. If you haven’t tried it already, Google Chrome is also known to be one of the fastest main browser options.

Add an extension to manage your cache

Your browser’s cache stores copies of website content for easy reloading of sites. As people learn, when a cache is too full, it can slow online performance (cookies, history, and similar saved data can also have an impact). Emptying your cache manually can be painful, which is why it tends to accumulate over time. We suggest an easier way: download a Clear Cache extension that will help you customize your erasing actions and erase them immediately with a simple button on your browser’s taskbar.

Consider using a VPN

If you are researching whether a VPN. This can increase your Internet speeds, you will likely find a lot of conflicting information. Here’s the deal: some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will limit bandwidth based on certain activities, such as reaching a soft data cap or streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. If you have evidence that your ISP is limiting bandwidth like this, a VPN can help by masking your activity so that the ISP does not have the data it needs to make limitation decisions.

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